Where do socks go when they disappear?
Probably one of the greatest mysteries.

We, at Șoseta3, looked for a solution instead of the answer.



[romanian] șose [Pl: ~te / E: fr chaussette] short sock covering the ankle.

Șoseta3 is the Romanian premium colourful socks brand that aims to reinvent the pair, offering 3 socks in a pack, in case one goes missing.

Founded in 2014. Soseta3 reflects the passion for colourful socks, matching or standing out from the outfit and was born from the disappointment of missing socks.

We produce our Soseta3 socks in the EU with good care and responsibility, respecting the regulations of labour and quality standards. All the packaging is made of recycled cardboard.

Designed in Bucharest – Berlin – Amsterdam and produced in the EU.



Collaboration is the game.

Creativity and collaboration are our foundation and we are always happy to create with minds that think alike. Over the years we had the opportunity to have fun with some of the greatest designers and brands.